The Best Decision I Have Ever Made…

Richmond To Boston The Hard Way

It was a Saturday morning.  I woke up to a new email message–“your flight has been canceled.”  Apparently, planes cannot land in 20+ inches of snow, who knew? Quickly and with just a touch of stress, I figured out that the only viable way from Richmond, VA to Boston, MA was via Amtrak.  This was NOT my best decision.

 Not a terrible option you might think? However, it was SuperBowl Sunday! Not only did I miss the entire game, but the Pats won as. To a lifelong Jets fan, those words are like fingers going down the chalkboard.

A quick 12 hours and a factor of that number’s beers later, I arrived in Boston.  I knew Boston pretty well. However, my 4 years at Tufts University, did NOT get me ready for the “Blizzard of 2015”!  I walked a handful of blocks from the station to the hotel.

About 25 minutes and a little frostbite later, I arrived at the ISS (International School Services) job fair.  To say that I looked like a battered man would be the understatement of the century. The amazingly kind woman at the front desk saw the fear and lack of caffeine in my eyes.  She agreed to my early check-in and I was ready to get suited up and have a cup of joe.

Who Knew I Was A Hot Commodity?

Within 4 hours of arriving at the job fair, I was offered a math position at a school in Rome, Italy. Despite the incredible administration and the amazing location (any place that charges you for pizza by its weight is alright by me…), I decided to hold out a bit longer.

The following day, I had interviews with a school in Lima, Peru and one in Santiago, Chile. Both interviews went exceedingly well.  That evening, over a few tequilas with some new friends I made my decision.

Leaving Home

Fast forward a few months and I was making preparations to embark to Chile!  I sold almost all of my worldly possessions, said goodbye to amazing friends, and worked my way through the work visa process.  Despite the best efforts of the Chilean government and its ambassador in D.C, I was FINALLY ready to board my plane on the 4th of July.

It was fitting that I was flying from Richmond to Dallas while fireworks were bursting in the sky.  It was more fitting to see the fireworks bursting on our flight from Dallas to Santiago when the “Selección de fútbol de Chile”  won the Copa America for the very first time.  I sure would find out what “chi chi chi le le le viva Chile” meant.


The Real Reason Why It Was My Best Decision Ever

But why was it the best decision of my life?  Well, among the many benefits–100% healthcare, a housing stipend, a generous salary, a yearly bonus, amazing travel opportunities, an incredible school–it was the day that I met my future wife.  

Kristen also arrived in Santiago on July 5th. Within one year we would be living with each other, and within 3 years we would be engaged.

No matter how much I have loved living in Chile, traveling from Patagonia in the South all the way to San Pedro de Atacama in the North, the best part of my 4+ years here is the fact that it is where I met Kristen.






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  • September 19, 2018 at 8:33 pm

    I love this! So cool that you found each other in Chile. We have been to the Atacama and LOVED it. Later this year we will be in Patagonia. Beautiful country, I can imagine how much more it means to you.


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